T – Litter


“Made by Angel”  kennel proudly presents “T” – Liter Magic Touch! The litter is born on 16.5.2017 In the litter are3 girls and 2 boys! Father of puppies is our Multi Champion from world #1 Kennel Diamella from Finland, Diamella Narnia made by Angel – Lordi, and mother of puppies is out queen mother – Aurora from Little Bichon Land – Hani.

This is litter from who we expect very much! Both of parents are small sized on the lower line of standard, with a very strog hair, very nice and happy caracter, and sweet faces!

Why Lordi?

Lordi is male that comes from a world best kennel, and this is ours third litter with him! Untill now he gave very nice puppies, and with Hani, we expect that puppies will be briliant. For Hani we always choiced top males, with strong blood lines, and we traveled a lot for mathing. This time we had out male – just like that, at home, and we got bingo – cause Hani for a first time gave 5 puppies litter, and all are very healthy, growing at she same way (speed).

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Why Hani?

Hani is our first female, and she is our queen mother! Our “L” litter she gave is very much famous till today. The litter were all dogs are champions in so many countries. This is litter about who wrote newspapers! With Lordi, once again we wanna repet that famous littler! Hani had her last litter more that 2 years ago, and after all nessesery veterinary checks we decided that she will be mother once again!

All puppies from this litter are now in new homes. If you are interested in puppie from new litter, you can contact me +381/63 294 234 i +381/65 2294 234 ili milos-kuzmanovic@hotmail.com

Puppies 2 months old:

Puppies 1 months  old:

Puppies 10 days old:

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