Made by Angel kennel, proudly presents “R” – Litter! This is the litter, wich makes us very proud. Litter is born on 6.3.2021. In the litter there are one boy and one girl! No available puppies for sale!

Why Turbo?
Luxury Love Turbulences, is comming from, a world wide famous Russian kennel “Luxury Love”, and it is a son of World Winner named Luxury Love Instagram, who also have World and Europian champion for a Father Pamplona Just Magic! When you know all this titles, I think that is more than clear why we choice Turbo for our stud dog, for this litter. Turbo is very strong male in aperance, it is very charming dog, chearful and playful, carfuly rised by his owner Sandra Smit from Novi Sad – Serbia, who gain excellent results with him at the dog shows, so Turbo is now International Champion, and champion in so many countries, and also he wan 3rd place in strong open claas at Europian dog show 2019 in Austria. Turbo is perfectly healty dog with clear eyes and perfect patella 0/0.

Why Lora:
Lora is perfect show female wich comming out our perfect Lordi, inter.ch.Multi.ch. Diamella Narnia made by Angel. Lora is like female version of his father. And in this short time wich Lora had to go to the shows, she was more than sucssesful. So many BOB and Best of Group wining, and some of them even from a junior class. Lora is perfect healy female with her test results, and strong, sweet, and perfect in movement! Because of pandemic situation, were we dont have possibility to go on the shows, we decided to Lora became mama at this time.

Puppies pedigree:

Puppies 10 days old: