News 2019

14.4.2019 –  NDS “Du Clair de Lune” – When you breed a dog, and send it to a breed home country, were he is taking titles in a very much strong competition, you definitely may be sure that your breeding is on the right way! I’m so happy and proud! Silent Killer made by Angel (Inter.Ch.Multi.Ch. Diamella Narnia made by Angel X Jch.Ch.CW.Cassiopeia Bright Star) CAC-BOS! Proud owner is Carole Druesne, wich I’m sooooooo much thankfull! Love you <3 Juge: Tytgat Guillaume

NDS CAC Sombor 14.4.2019 – Queen made by Angel Diamond Paradise – JCAC, JBOB, BOB! Breeder: Karolina Dorota Kadziela. Judge was: Dordje Leka!

NDS CAC Sid 6.4.2019 – Queen made by Angel Diamond Paradise – JCAC, JBOB, BOB, and JBOGIII !!! Judge was Mr.Sinisa Sancanin. Breder: Karolina Kadziela – Diamond Paradise, Poland!

IDS CACIB Belgrade 10.3.2019 – Elefteria made by Angel (Inter.Ch.Multi.Ch. Pamplona What’s It All About X. JCH.CH.CW Cassiopeia Bright Star) first time in show ring, baby class, 5 months old won best baby of breed. I’m so proud of this little girl, and I’m so satisfaid for a judges nice words Makaritis Stelios! 

IDS Brno 2.2.2019 – Tomb Raider made by Angel aka Tina, CAC! Proud owners are Ladislava Kaluzova and Slapnickova Ivana from Czech Republic.