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New website page – HOW TO BUY BICHON FRISE? With instruction how to find right puppie for yourself!

Female: Queen

Queen is female who came to our kennel in 2018 from Diamond Paradise kennel from Poland. Her arival in our kennel is part of cooperation between our kennels for the years, since Diamond Paradise, has our male. Queen is female with outstanding and complete new blood line for this spaces. Because of that we are expetcing a lot from her at the shows and in breeding!

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Female: Ria

Ria is junior female, out of our breeding. She was born in the litter wich has been sired by a dog out of most famous kennel Pamplona from England. From her first steps, a lot of breeders from Europe, and world, wonted her, but we stay strog in out decision that she is only for us! We expecting a lot of her, in show and breeding, and we are sure that she will be dog wich will give to us so much, and makes us proud!

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Our male: Lordi

Finland Wizard is here!  Lordi is new member of  “Made by Angel” kenel. His name is Diamella Narnia made by Angel, and he comes from Diamella kenell from Finland wich exist and breed bichon frise more than 25 years. Lordi is our big hope, and he has already started his show carier. More about him you can find on his page.


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