E – Litter

Bichon frise puppies


“Made by Angel” kennel, proudly presents “E” –  litter! In the litter is only one singleton puppie – female puppie. At the firs when we had thinkings about this mathing, we wonted a girl, to continue the breeding, and our wish became true, with this little english lady wich will have greek name.

Her name is Eleftheria made by Angel, and she is born at 27.9.2018

Why Jack?

Jack comes from Pamplona keenel from Mancester (England). This is the kennel who is famous world wide, and wich exist for decades. Thay have breed a lot of world and europiand winners, and also crufts winner. One of the most famous dog world wide ever, in out breed is Jacks father – Eric. So, we have decide to use Jack, as he have completely new bloodline, and strong genetics behind him. Also, as he is 7 years old now, and he had litters, he give a lot of nice females, wich are very nice at shows, and that what we need.

Why Crystal?

Crystal is female who already had litters and until now she gave a lot of champions,…champion of Belgium, France, Macedonica, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland…So, definitely she need to stay in our kennel troug her kids. And as she is good enough, she needed other bloodline for mathing, wich we dont have here, to be new, strong, famous, and to me something that is proved as excellent.

Soon will be photos of Eleftheria!


Ria 2 months