B – Litter

Dear frineds and visitors of mu kennel website, I’m proud that I can present you, new and exclusive litter in my kennel. As you can see, for my females, I am always looking for best males. This time I got a chance to have one of the best dogs of bichon frise breed for a father of my puppies. My Crystal who is Junior Champion of Serbia, Senior Champion of Serbia, Senior Club Winner, and multi BOB Cassiopeia Bright Star, was mated in Prague with Junior WORLD WINNER, multi Junior Champion, Multi Champion, International Champion, Multi Club Winner, Best of King Winner, Multi BOG and Multi BOB Groomeline’s Most Delicious Marabou Aka Gulliver. Guliver comes from Swedish kennel Groomeline’s who is well known in dogs world as kenel with small number of litters, and dogs, but when they have puppies, puppies are extraordinarey. As puppie, Guliver was sold in Czech Republik to Mrs. Slapnickova Ivana, from Prague, were he gain all this titles. I am so grateful to Gulivers ovner, Mrs. Slapnicnova Ivana,  owner of Charnett kennel from Prague, who had trust in me, and gave me the chance to have this perfect blood line here in Serbia.

Litter is born on 19.08.2014, and there are two males, and two females.

Puppies are now in new homes with their owners:

Belgrade Playboy made by Angel – Male – Owner, Ana Kump, Belgrade, Serbia.

Bank Robber made by Angel – Male- Owner’s Mitic Family (Marija i Miodrag) from Nis, Serbia.

Blue Seduction made by Angel – Female- She is owned by Mrs. Barb Raynolds,  export to United States of America. This is first export in USA out of Serbian Bichon Frise breeding, wich I’m proud. Blue, will be part of Barb’s bichon kennel from USA and will represent us there. Thanks to Mrs. Raynolds who recognise the quality of our dogs.

Barb Wire made by Angel – Female- Owner Arnela Alajbegović, Sarajevo, export to Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Father of puppies: Junior World Winner, multi Junior Champion, multi Champion, international Champion, multi BOG, Multi BOB winner, multi Club winner, Best of King Winner “Groomeline’s Most Delicious Marobou” aka Guliver.

Mother of puppies: Junior Champion of Serbia, Senior Champion of Serbia, Senior Club Winner, and multi BOB Cassiopeia Bright Star


In this galery are photos with puppies seven days old.

The puppies are now 5 weeks old, here are new photos.